Advanced engineering CAD/CAE consulting for heavy industries (Oil & Gas, Power Energy and Aviation)

Starting in 2000, we have been developed and verify intensively our own in-house software for to analyze complex, multi-physical processes based on the framework computational fluid dynamics. As well, we have accumulated a long-term experience (from 2010) of using open source OpenFOAM toolbox to solve grand challenging problems in Oil&Gas and Power Energy industries. However, starting from 2000 we have used and accumulated expertise in industrial applications using the commercial CAE software as well (ANSYS Fluent).

Engineering CAD/CAE software (and its cost) plays a key role for the customers. As an independent player, we offer our clients the best price / quality ratio. Depending on the project, we can use both open source software and our in-house software, as well as commercial codes (for example, ANSYS CFD, Star-CCM, Numeca, etc.). In this case, the use of commercial CAE packages increases the total project cost by approximately 40% (due to commercial licenses).