Engineering consulting and CAD/CAE services

Engineering consulting and CAD/CAE services

3DMSimtek provides high-end and high-fidelity simulations based on state-of-the-art in-house and commercial technologies in Computational Fluid Dynamics and related CAD/CAE disciplines. We specialize in software development as well as in advanced engineering consulting to solve challenging technical problems for Oil&Gas, Power Energy and Aviation businesses.

Core services

CAD (solid modeling and design)

CFD (computational fluids dynamics)

FEA (structural analysis)

FSI (fluid-structure interaction)

CAO (optimization)

EMA (electro-magnetic analysis)

HPC (high perfomance computing)

3D Printing

VFX (visual effects and industrial visualization)

Core software

OpenFOAM - open source CFD code for a wide range of multi-physical and aerodynamic problems

xRiemannDNS - in-house compressible, Riemann-based CFD code for the all Mach-number flows

edcPisoFoam - in-house specialized CFD code for detailed simulation of unsteady combustion physics and related chemical processes

Other commercial CAE software (ANSYS, Star-CCM+, etc. ) is available on demand (customer will pay an extra fee for leasing of the license)

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