Research and software development

Research and software development

- Machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) driven applications;

- Embedded CAD/CAE applications to solve for challenging multi-physical problems (turbulence, multi-phase, combustion, heat transfer, solid dynamics and fluid-solid interaction);

- Enhancing the existing mathematical models and implement them in commercial or open source software;

- 3D Graphic engine for embedded WEB or stand-alone applications;

- Advanced CAE solutions based on the OpenFOAM platform.

New technologies & solutions

edcPisoFoam - in-house innovate solver to simulate the unsteady combustion physics and related multi-physical problems.

xRiemannDNS - in-house innovate compressible Riemann-based solver for advanced computation of the turbulent compressible flows, heat transfer and combustion.

Advanced technology to control separation of the boundary layer based on the active flow control.

Advanced aircraft platform and concept for the low/high attitude, high endurance unmanned aircrafts (UAVs or drones).

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